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How long will the install take?

One way to ensure our installers can finish your project in the most efficient time frame is by preparing the area receiving new floors prior to the install. The more the homeowner can do to get ready for the new flooring project, the less time our installers will have your home under construction. This begins with going over your estimate; making sure we have discussed who is moving furniture? Who is removing your old flooring? Once the details have been established, and material has been ordered, we can schedule your install. The amount of time your install will take will also depend on what type of flooring your having installed but we will be able to tell you that at the time we schedule the install.

Do you remove and get rid of the old flooring?

We can estimate removal & disposal of your existing flooring. We encourage people to have us estimate the removal and disposal for many reasons; you know what your time is worth and how long it would take you to do the same job, so it is good to put a value on your time to see if it is worth it! Also, disposal of the old flooring can become a problem for some people, we have a dumpster behind our warehouse and will remove all debris from the jobsite. Make sure a decision has been made prior to setting the install date on who will be removing existing flooring.

Can your installers just move my furniture from one side of the room to another?

Not when carpet is being installed. Carpet must be stretched so furniture must be completely removed from the area. When installing hard surface, we prefer not to do this but have when it is the only option. We look at each install individually and try to accommodate the homeowner. Fees do apply when we move furniture for you. If you will be moving furniture yourself, we require this is to be completed prior to install day.

Do I have to hire a plumber to move the toilet for my bathroom install?

What about my refrigerator, it has water running to it?

We hire licensed plumbers, so you don’t have too! If you do decide to hire a plumber, please have the toilet removed prior to our installer’s arrival. There is a fee for removing and replacing the toilet. In addition, our installers can also move and replace appliances, such as: refrigerators, ovens, washers, and dryers. Keeping in mind, a licensed plumber is necessary for us to move appliances connected to water and gas.

Do your installers work for you, or do you use sub-contractors?

Our installers are sub-contractors who have worked for us for years (some as long as 15 years!). We have been fortunate between our residential customers and commercial work in many industries we have been able to keep our crews busy working for us for years. We feel like they are part of the team, we see most of them daily!

Do you have samples of the flooring that we can take home?

We do have samples of the flooring that you can check out and take home. In the event we don’t have a sample of a particular product we will work with our vendors to get one sent to us. Some of our vendors offer free samples on their websites and they will ship right to your home.

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